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Want to see some examples of what you can expect to find in our online shop? Look no further!


Dragon Egg Dice Bags

These dice bags are crocheted by our Head Mischief Maker. In general, each Dragon Egg Dice Bag will hold at least 50 standard sized dice, often more. They are not recommended for mini dice as those may get lost. Each Dragon Egg comes with a charm attached to the satin drawstring cords, and a 2-sided full color print card that will tell you a little bit about the type of dragon you've adopted!

Embroidered Dice Bags

These dice bags are made by our Head Mischief Maker. Embroidery is done before the bags are sewn together, and each bag tends to be unique as they are all handmade. The exterior fabric most often used is twill and they are commonly lined with 100% cotton materials, which makes the bags durable so they stand up to years of gaming and convention travel! The standard embroidered dice bags offered by Mischief Loot can hold 100+ standard sized dice.

To see more of the designs we offer, check out the photo albums on our Facebook page: Mischief Loot on Facebook


Dragon Scale Gloves

Our Dragon Scale Gloves are crocheted by our Head Mischief Maker, and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. For information on individual sets of gloves, such as what material they are made from & care instructions, please check the Mischief Loot Store and read the listings for more details. Every pair is unique!

Patterned Cotton Dice Bags

Mischief Loot periodically offers cotton dice bags with a variety of print designs on the material in the Etsy shop. Often these are cotton materials that our Head Mischief Maker loved so much she couldn't bear to hide them inside the dice bags. These bags can be lined with a solid color cotton material, or even with a super plush royal velvet liner. Please see individual listings for details.

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