You can find some of our dice bags in local gaming shops! The list of locations currently carrying our productions, and what they are stocking, is listed below.

Woodburn Games

2803 Woodburn Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45206

Currently carrying a selection of Mischief Loot's Dragon Egg Dice bags.



We are proud to announce that Mischief Loot has partnered with several Authors and Graphic Designers.

Taylor Turner

Hedgehog Games

Taylor brought our Dragon Eggs to life, giving each unique type a brief history and mythology. Taylor was the first author to partner with Mischief Loot, and claims the lion's share of our creations' histories and myths.

Joseph Blomquist

Saturday Morning Games
Joe did the amazing design work for Mischief Loot's logo, as well as the beautiful cards that come with our Dragon Egg Dice Bags. Joe has also contributed his writing talents to the Eclipse Dragon Eggs.

Randy Allen

The second author to partner with Mischief Loot, Randy is credited with writing the story for our Nebula Dragon Egg. It remains a favorite of our Head Mischief Maker.